Ghost writing garners steady income

ghost-writing-300x206 Ghost writing garners steady income
ghost writing money

ghost-writing-300x206 Ghost writing garners steady income


Ghost writing


There are numerous avenues of making money online but let us just focus on ghost writing now.

Traditional bread winning idea of securing a degree after a decade of schooling and roam in search of a job is beaten by modern-day development of internet. Now you can make money without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Anyone can write from any part of the world. You can check here to know about the growth and popularity of online writing.

Why should you do Ghost writing for others

  • Because you will get instant money on hand, you do not have to wait for royalties.
  • When the client is a big shot, your earning will be higher than from any other writing service.
  • As the credit will go to the client and only client’s name will appear on the book cover, you do not have to worry about marketing. Also you can move to your next project.
  • As you are not the owner of the book, you can be rid of emotional attachment. You can easily distinguish the positive and negative factors in the work and gel with client’s perspective.
  • While you ghost write for different clients, you go into their lives, observe their professions, learn about their industries and such experience would elevate your knowledge level and excel your performance in writing.
  • Regular ghost writing will improve your writing skills.

How to become a lucrative ghost writer

      Gather experience  

Maintain a journal and keep recording your thoughts. Try to write for popular publications. Send letters to editors. Ensure you write meaningful and thought-provoking comments on various top websites. If possible write and self publish your own book. Become a voracious reader of all sorts of books. In short, keep on reading and writing continuously which can sharpen your skills.

        Be patient

If you practice 1 hour reading and 2 hours writing every day, in a span of few years you will become an expert writer. Patience means continuous practice till the right client contacts you with his project. Before you get lucky with big projects, start engaging yourselves in smaller projects.

How much you can earn

There are lots of individuals and organizations who are ready to hire ghost writers who can deliver quality content.

If potential clients hire you, you can earn anything between 50$ to 200$ for an article of 500 words. If you can write 2 such articles in one hour, you can easily make a minimum of $2000 in a week. But this is subject to the condition that you have enough number of clients to hire you continuously.

How to gain potential clients

  • Build your own website and start spotlighting your skills with regular content.
  • For many people writing process could be more easy but editing the same would be a real tough job. If you want professional guidance and advice you can check here.
  • Ensure your articles are S E O qualified so that web crawlers start enhancing the page ranking of your website.
  • Sometimes it takes quite a long time for right clients to hire you. The best remedy could be to identify top bloggers in your niche and approach them for posting your guest blogs so that you get immediate popularity.
  • If you know top clients who can extend ghost writing offers, consequently you can build a list of such clients and start contacting them regularly.

Most noteworthy point here is, if the client agrees, a ghost writer can become a co-author. Unlike ghost writers, co-authors get their name printed on the cover of the book and also get certain percentage of royalty revenue from the book.






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