Extra money earning avenues for introverts

fgvxxvxmti8-andrew-neel-e1481902113328-200x300 Extra money earning avenues for introverts
introverts can earn extra money and become rich

Extra money earning avenues for introverts

Internet has opened up variety of avenues to earn extra money.  Are you an introvert who tend to refrain from socializing and always prefer to be preoccupied with your own thoughts. Don’t worry, still you can make extra money.

Become a Freelance Writer

Highly motivated writers who do not want to come out of their comfort zone, can prefer freelance writing as a good source of income. Depending upon the niche, skill and ability to gain confidence of high profile clients, your earning may vary from $1 to $300 per post. If you are a newbie to freelance writing you can check here about how to start from scratch and build your freelance writing career.

Get hired to do Search Engine Evaluation

Big brands like Google, Leap Force hire individuals like you to carryout search engine evaluation on contract basis to evaluate the quality of search engine results. The assignments are flexible with varying time requirements. The pay is fixed on hourly rate ranging from $10 to $15 per hour. You can check here for the job opening at Leap Force.

Turn into a Website Tester

This is another job offer with flexible timings. You have to study websites and check their usability. You have to record a video of yourself using a particular website and should speak out the pros and cons of that website in that video clipping. For single test you can earn around $10.  If you want to sign up for a usability test please check here.

fgvxxvxmti8-andrew-neel-e1481902113328-200x300 Extra money earning avenues for introverts

Grow into a Social Media Manager

If you are capable of managing all social media networks of a company, you can easily gel in the post of a Social Media Manager. When you start specializing in this field you can command a pay of $50 or more per hour. But initially you should charge less to gain marketability.

Self publish your books

You can take up this avenue only if you are serious about your writing capability.  You can see both sides of this. I mean successful people who earn $50,000 per month and those who make meager pennies.  If you are interested really you can write books and sell them on platforms like Amazon.

Ghost writing garners steady income

ghost-writing-300x206 Ghost writing garners steady income
ghost writing money

ghost-writing-300x206 Ghost writing garners steady income


Ghost writing


There are numerous avenues of making money online but let us just focus on ghost writing now.

Traditional bread winning idea of securing a degree after a decade of schooling and roam in search of a job is beaten by modern-day development of internet. Now you can make money without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Anyone can write from any part of the world. You can check here to know about the growth and popularity of online writing.

Why should you do Ghost writing for others

  • Because you will get instant money on hand, you do not have to wait for royalties.
  • When the client is a big shot, your earning will be higher than from any other writing service.
  • As the credit will go to the client and only client’s name will appear on the book cover, you do not have to worry about marketing. Also you can move to your next project.
  • As you are not the owner of the book, you can be rid of emotional attachment. You can easily distinguish the positive and negative factors in the work and gel with client’s perspective.
  • While you ghost write for different clients, you go into their lives, observe their professions, learn about their industries and such experience would elevate your knowledge level and excel your performance in writing.
  • Regular ghost writing will improve your writing skills.

How to become a lucrative ghost writer

      Gather experience  

Maintain a journal and keep recording your thoughts. Try to write for popular publications. Send letters to editors. Ensure you write meaningful and thought-provoking comments on various top websites. If possible write and self publish your own book. Become a voracious reader of all sorts of books. In short, keep on reading and writing continuously which can sharpen your skills.

        Be patient

If you practice 1 hour reading and 2 hours writing every day, in a span of few years you will become an expert writer. Patience means continuous practice till the right client contacts you with his project. Before you get lucky with big projects, start engaging yourselves in smaller projects.

How much you can earn

There are lots of individuals and organizations who are ready to hire ghost writers who can deliver quality content.

If potential clients hire you, you can earn anything between 50$ to 200$ for an article of 500 words. If you can write 2 such articles in one hour, you can easily make a minimum of $2000 in a week. But this is subject to the condition that you have enough number of clients to hire you continuously.

How to gain potential clients

  • Build your own website and start spotlighting your skills with regular content.
  • For many people writing process could be more easy but editing the same would be a real tough job. If you want professional guidance and advice you can check here.
  • Ensure your articles are S E O qualified so that web crawlers start enhancing the page ranking of your website.
  • Sometimes it takes quite a long time for right clients to hire you. The best remedy could be to identify top bloggers in your niche and approach them for posting your guest blogs so that you get immediate popularity.
  • If you know top clients who can extend ghost writing offers, consequently you can build a list of such clients and start contacting them regularly.

Most noteworthy point here is, if the client agrees, a ghost writer can become a co-author. Unlike ghost writers, co-authors get their name printed on the cover of the book and also get certain percentage of royalty revenue from the book.






Your Instagram can fetch you real money



 Instagram : Make money from the powerful image media

  download-300x139 Your Instagram can fetch you real money

download-300x139 Your Instagram can fetch you real money

      How to make use of the popularity of Instagram

Instagram can bring you big money If you sincerely dedicate your time . You do not have to worry about how to go about. Come, let’s go step by step.  Before getting down to business, let us check how many followers you have. If it is just 10 or 12 followers like that of Jesus, you are out of the game. You need to have a huge following like Adolf Hitler, to become a hot cake among big brands.

       Consistency is the key

if you want to make money on Instagram, it’s important to be consistent . We mean that in a few different senses. First, it’s a good idea to be tonally and thematically consistent. Some successful Instagram stars go so far as to use the same filter in all of their posts. Others stick to a single theme that appears in all their pictures, like pictures of their shoes on interesting floors, for example.
Instagram success is often built on a consistent image. Unless you’re already famous, you may be better off sticking to a theme rather than just posting images of your life or yourself with your friends.

       Twin account idea
Second, it’s a good idea to keep the quality of your pictures consistent. If you have some beautifully styled pictures mixed in with less considered posts you’re less likely to make it big on Instagram. Remember, you can always have two accounts, one for unedited personal pictures and a separate, curated account for money-making purposes.

Timing of your posts
Third, it’s wise to be consistent with the timing of your posts. If you post a handful of pictures over the weekend and then nothing during the week, you won’t maintain consistent visibility in people’s feeds. It’s a good idea to post daily. Some even go so far as to post at the same time of day.

Working at home – How to be a winner


working-from-home Working at home – How to be a winner




Working at Home at flexible timings

Working at home gives the biggest advantage of working at flexible timings at your own sweet home.  How joyful it should be. You can plan your day according to your convenience. You don’t have to hurry up your work spot through the hustle bustle traffic. You don’t have to worry out sparing time for an evening engagement or dinner. You can decide when to work and when to relax or do other daily chores. Explore to find out your natural body rhythm. At which time of the day you are more productive, you can work on that time. It can be at the cool night time also and that’s what we say convenience. Certainly your productivity and creativity will be at best. You can spend time with your kids.


Connect with real people when you are not working at home

As Aristotle said a man is by nature a social animal. You cannot live alone in a cocoon all along your life. Either you should be a beast or a saint to live alone. So when you start working at home, naturally you have to meet clients, friends and the like. When you meet and connect with people you get lot of encouragement. This is a plus you get when you are working from home.


Maintain a disciplined work schedule

Just because you have flexibility timings, do not go overboard. You will become a procrastinator then.

Set the priorities for the next day. When you accomplish a task, celebrate yourself like having a chocolate or coffee etc. This will improve your morale and boost your confidence to move towards your set goals.

Do not become a prey for ‘working at home’ myths
You may be at your comfort while working at home. But that does not mean you do  not comb your hair, brush your teeth and stay in shorts or pajamas all day long. Take a shower, dress up and sit for your work. This will tell your body that you are ready from rest to action.

If you want to knbow various avenues of working at home please check here.

Online money making is not a rocket science – You too can make it


money-money-1518532-300x200 Online money making is not a rocket science - You too can make it

Online money making ideas:

Online money making avenues are so many.  To keep our focus on the topic, let us discuss at least 5 ways  here. It is not compulsory that you have to try out all these. You can choose whichever is suitable for you to make online money:


You do not need any technical skill to start a blog. Do not worry about what to write. Start wring about the topic which you know very well.

There are plenty of free blog sites available in the internet. These blog sites are suitable for people who want to blog for passion. But free blogs are of no use for making money online. There are ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like GoDaddy, Blue host etc. You can reach these ISPs for webhosting packages. Mostly they offer free domain names along with these packages.

If you are a tech-savvy having knowledge about Java, Dot Net etc. you can go for hosting packages like Windows hosting, Linux Hosting etc. Even otherwise, you do not have to worry.  You can opt for hosting packages managed by Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. But beware only WordPress is a open source. Others are paid sites. These are one click installations and should be easy for you.

Slowly start building your blog site at regular intervals. When you post quality content, visitors will start coming. When have steady and large following your blog can earn online money  from the advertisers and also through affiliate website links. You can also write reviews of products and services to make online money.

money-money-1518532-300x200 Online money making is not a rocket science - You too can make it

Paid writing

Once you get into the habit of regular blogging, you can start writing articles for other blogs (Guest posts). You can even write for popular websites like  PayPerPost and start earning online money.

You can also start writing EBooks. Only extensive research is needed to ensure you deliver a quality and interesting book. No need for printing or shipping. Publishing giants like Amazon, Lulu are ready to market your EBooks.  If you feel and believe that you have a good command over English language you can become a copy editor which is another avenue to make online money.

Buying/Selling domains

Another easy way to make money online is to buy and sell domains. Just you need little investment and time. When the ISPs give special offers, you buy them at cheaper prices. Sell with good profit. But for that you have to do some research regarding domain names which have quick market. Just go to  afternic.com or  ebay.com or any other domain auction sites to have a feel of this.

Selling photos

If you are fond of photography buy a decent camera. Start shooting plenty of quality photos. Just go to any stock photo agency websites like Fotolia, Dreastime or Shutterstock with your photos and they are ready offer you good money.


Virtual Assistant

Small businesses who cannot hire full time employees will look out for virtual assistants.

As a Virtual Assistant, one is expected to carry out any kind administrative tasks like travel arrangements, settling bills etc. At the comfort your home you can do such tasks and make money.

What we have discussed here are only a few. There are so many other avenues which we will discuss later.

money-money-1518532-300x200 Online money making is not a rocket science - You too can make it

Migraines are fond of attacking women?

5102-1-2 Migraines are fond of attacking women?

Pounding migraines and astounding home remedies

Migraines do not spare even the champions of feminist movements . But does that mean end of the world ? you can apply pain killers or get clinical treatments. But certain home remedies also can control the severity and intensity of migraines. Let us discuss at least five remedies that can reduce the suffering from migraines.

Using Salt for a quick relief from migraine

Salt is an essential component to maintain the metabolic process of human body. The normal table salt available in our kitchens cannot control migraines. Have you ever heard of Himalayan crystal salt? This Pink salt contains a maximum of 84 minerals. This salt is used around the world for migraine relief. A teaspoon full of pink salt added to a glass of lemon juice can give instant relief from a migraine attack.

If you don’t know where to buy this kind of salt, you can check with Amazon website.


Brisk walking, biking, swimming, indoor cycling etc. can reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attack. Exercise triggers the brain in releasing endorphin, which act as the natural painkiller. However, it is not advisable to exercise in the middle of an attack. Sufferers should keep a proper schedule and to continue regularly to have the desired results.


Feverfew is an herbal plant from the daisy family. It grows in places like Europe, North America etc. Leaves of this plant are used for reducing the severity of headaches. The fresh leaves are too much bitter in taste. It is advisable to try the capsuled dry leaves available in drug stores. This is a preventive medicine. Only if you take this consistently for several weeks, the improvement can be seen.


Meditation is a vast subject and there are various techniques available. But for curing ills, Vipassana is the best suited. It is a process of observing one’s own nature and enables us to find out the causes of our suffering and helps to eliminate the same. This can be learnt by attending training classes. Though the results can be seen only gradually, regular practice will give great results.

 Lavender oil

Though officially it is not confirmed that Lavender oil can be used as a medicine for headaches, from the experiences of various people, we understand that this oil relieves the pain to some extent. Add 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil to 3 cups of boiling water and inhale carefully. Alternatively drops of this oil can be added to cold water and a piece of cloth dipped in this can be spread on the back of the neck to reduce pain.

 To know more about this disorder, you can reach Research Foundation and go through the detailed information and understand about the illness and try applying various remedies.